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Snow White and the Huntsman Interview
Snow White and the Huntsman Interview
Snow White is renowned throughout the Western world as a classic fairy tale character, who faces up to the wicked queen with the aid of her seven diminutive friends. Taking on the role for first time director Rupert Sanders, Kristen Stewart plays a considerably more able Snow White than is traditional in this sword-wielding, horse riding, battle heavy adaptation.

Starring Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman and Charlize Theron as the beautiful but evil queen, they joined fellow actor Sam Claflin, and director Rupert Sanders, along with Kristen Stewart to talk about their time on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman.
Snow White is a classic story, but you brought something quite different to it - this is an epic, epic movie. Where did you begin bringing your vision to the screen?

Rupert Sanders

I actually went back to the original story and that story is so rich and so relevant and it’s survived for so long. There are so many great ideas, images and themes in there that an audience knows what they there’s certain iconic things they’re going to see and I think it’s about turning it on its head and creating something very epic and modern. And then bringing this cast together to really give very strong, dynamic, frightening, grounded performances.
And in the case of Sam, dashing good looks. What was the experience of making this film like, for you?

Sam Claflin

It was somewhat a dream come true, really. Obviously, growing up, I ran around a school playground pretending I was Robin Hood or I was a knight from the Round Table so having the opportunity to wield a sword and smash a few stuntmen was definitely a privilege for me.
Charlize, you shot the movie here in the UK - what was it about working with us Brits that attracted you to the project?

Charlize Theron

It was probably the only negative thing about the movie for me. No, I actually lived here last year, I did two films back to back, and I really liked it. It was nice! Except for the part that you don’t really get to shoot in the city, you’re driving an hour to Pinewood Studios every day. It’s so glamorous.
Kristen, what was it about the role of Snow White that attracted you to the project?

Kristen Stewart

I wanted to find something where I could challenge myself physically. I really liked that. Charlize has said it before, we really will hurt ourselves for the job, and I liked that opportunity, but what I really dug about this was, you’ve got someone who has that gusto and you can totally sit as an audience member and take a lot of satisfaction in watching her kick ass. But she’s not a dude, she remains so sort of steady. We’re not built to be physically strong, you have to outsmart someone you have to be quicker, you have to just have a strong heart.

Charlize Theron

I am built to be stronger. I’m a man in heels, basically.

Kristen Stewart

I think, I hate girl power movies when the people that you’re rooting for are not girls, and that’s what I was mostly attracted to.
Chris, you are known for your action, and you’ve swapped Thor’s hammer for an axe this time. Let’s talk about the fighting sequences. Did you get stuck in?

Chris Hemsworth

No, I got my nose busted by Kristen, actually. This is the first time we’ve met since then and I’d prefer she was sitting the other end of the table.

Kristen Stewart

Do you see the tears about to stream down his face? It’s been months and months and he’s still so …

Chris Hemsworth

I’m just waiting for an apology. I didn’t choose it because of the action, that was a bonus. Initially I thought it was too similar to what I’d done before, with the fighting and fantasy based world, but I pretty soon realised that with Rupert’s vision and this cast and the script, it was a completely different take on the fairy tale that I’d known previously - much darker, edgier, gothic almost, and it kept me guessing, and I think that’s what it does with an audience too.
The punching in the face incident: was it during a scene or just because you were fighting over something in the canteen?

Chris Hemsworth

We reached for the same muffin at the table.
Charlize, how did you approach a character like this, to get the tone right when it so easily could have gone over the top, and how do you feel about your director describing you as Margaret Thatcher meets Kate Moss?

Rupert Sanders

I don’t remember saying that, to be honest.

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