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Snow White and the Huntsman Interview
Snow White and the Huntsman Interview
Rupert, why was Kristen the perfect choice to play Snow White? And Kristen, aside from Charlize, what was the scariest thing about filming?

Rupert Sanders

I looked at a lot of actors, unknown and known, and when we met Kristen, we saw someone who had a very rebellious, spirited - she’s a bit like a wild horse, she’s kind of hard to hold down and I like that. I think the Snow White character couldn’t be demure and quiet, she had to be someone tough, she’s an unusual person and that’s what’s so great about her playing this character. She’s got a craziness to her which I think is right for the character.
Kristen, what was the scariest part of filming?

Kristen Stewart

Riding a horse. I know it’s boring, I’ve said it a thousand times, but the dynamic between horse and rider is so not for me. Give me a carrot or an apple, don’t put a saddle on him, I want to watch him run around a pasture, I’ll run with him! But it’s cool to watch people genuinely uncomfortable on screen.

Chris Hemsworth

I reckon the most uncomfortable, as far as the horse riding scenes, was one particular shot we had to get very close to the cameras and have a close-up of Kristen and I on a horse. It was the first day of shooting, so in order to do that, they have a mechanical horse and we all arrived on set with all these Spanish horse riders who are very professional, and it was sort of, you know, ‘Here are the actors, let’s see what they’ve got.’

And I married a Spanish woman, and they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, so why do you deserve her? Show us how you ride.’ And I was like, 'So where’s the horse?' And they were like, 'That’s it, a half mechanical horse.' And then we were on this thing, doing this [riding motion] and you couldn’t have felt more ridiculous. That was one of the scarier moments.
Charlize, does being a mother affect where you’ll work and the roles you’ll take? And are you throwing a baby shower for Chris any time soon?

Charlize Theron

Why is that my job? I’m going to send you all my little boy’s clothes as hand-me-downs and you can put your little girl in them! I’m about to go and do a re-imagining of Mad Max, and I thought I’m probably not going to want to go and make this movie when I heard that my son was coming into my life, and that all I would want to do is mope around in my pyjamas and roll around with him on the carpet, and we did that for a couple of months and it was great.

But the crazy thing that happened that I wasn’t expecting was that it made me feel really, really creative, and I started developing like crazy and selling movies and developing more with my production company, and the more I think about going, in June, and shooting this, I’m really excited about it. I feel that this little innocent baby is making me more curious about the human condition.
Rupert, did you cut anything out that you were sorry to lose?

Rupert Sanders

There were scenes that I liked on their own but you’re not making a collection of scenes, you’re making a film. You know, the big picture is what you have to look at - there are scenes I loved, with Kristen and Chris in, and Charlize - Sam, you were quite unscathed, everyone else got cut a bit. But you know, you make a little more than you need, and in the cutting room, it’s like a sculpture, you just have to follow the seam, and some things go. But I don’t think there’s anything that any one of us is really very upset about.

Charlize Theron

I actually think that’s the sign of a great director. I think a lot of first time directors can get very attached to everything and I think it’s a great sign when you can step back, and like Rupert said, make a great film but don’t get too attached to these tiny little moments.
Chris, apart from the nose, were there any other injuries?

Charlize Theron

Apart from your ego? And your pride?

Chris Hemsworth

In general, or …?
Across Avengers, and this; you’ve had a tough couple of years.

Chris Hemsworth

This was more exhausting than anything I’ve done before, because none of it was on a green screen temperature-controlled sound-stage. We were in amongst the mud and the dirt and the rain and the mountains and what have you. It was freezing cold but you kind of lived and breathed the characters and story and I’ve never felt more in it for a longer period of time on a film than this.

And all of us, cast and crew, we went to obscure locations. Sam and I, at one point there was this one scene where we were riding in on horseback, and just before, ‘Action!’ it was like, ‘And when you fly on in there with the other hundred behind you, jump off the horse at the last second, charge in, and form a triangle.’ Like, ‘What, the flying V, like Mighty Ducks?’ And we didn’t rehearse this, and so we take off and Sam’s a little bit in front of me and I just remember seeing his foot get caught in the stirrups as he jumps off.

Sam Claflin

Can I just add, I was in full armour? This guy was the James Dean of the medieval times, like leather jacket and flexible trousers, I was like, flipping hell, try to get your leg over the horse’s head.

Chris Hemsworth

He was on his back in full armour and couldn’t get back up and I went to help him but then it was like, 'Save the shot!' So I charged forward.

Sam Claflin

That was it, I remember so well, after smacking my face on the floor, hearing Rupert going, ‘Carry on! Just keep going!' and I was like, 'Mate, I can’t get up.' Chris was trying to help - honestly it was like a comedy sketch from Laurel and Hardy or something. Honestly, comedy gold.

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