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Mini Golf in Wellington

Mini Golf Wellington - There are plenty of things to do with kids in Wellington but none better than playing Mini Golf. From indoor mini golf to adventure mini golf Wellington has a host of courses to choose from. So if you're looking to head to a mini golf course in Wellington then try one from our list of the best Wellington mini golf courses.
Admire the sculptures as you weave your way through this unique landmark, get up close and interact with the remarkable metal sculptures that make this a truly exceptional mini golf course.

All of the courses are based on a 'junk yard' type of theme, ruggedly landscaped, giving players the opportunity to putt through sculptures and cascading waterfalls. So get your friends and family together and come down for a golfing adventure.
281 Happy Valley Road,
Happy Valley,
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The Original Adventure Golf Company courses are all based around a pirate theme. Players have the opportunity to putt over pirate ships, past cascading waterfalls, through haunted treasure caves and past shark infested waters. Appealing to all ages, everyone can play and enjoy adventure golf!
2 Wineera Drive,
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