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Everybody has a name - Amiria Puia-Taylor

Sunday, 13 October 2013


Ponsonby Central


Age Restrictions
All Ages

An exhibition and community based project curated by Louisa Afoa and Ophelia Mikkelson in collaboration with the Uptown Arts Trust.

From the 11th- 20th of September at Ponsonby Central as an ART WEEK event.

As people, we encounter similar experiences in life, although similar these experiences are totally unique and different for each individual. ‘Everybody has a name’ is a show that uses different snippets of everyday life produce an archive of shared knowledge through sight, touch, taste and sound. As curators we want to create a space where you can feel comfortable and participate in simple creative projects that sit along side artworks in the gallery that respond to the thematic. These projects involve offering a small piece of knowledge about yourself for example your name, a favorite recipe and a favorite song with the intention of bringing the local community into the gallery. Auckland city is home to many different groups of people and although these differences make us who we are everybody has a name.

everybody has a name lead up activities:

everybody has a name: send in your name and its meaning (these meanings and words will be transformed into a images for a mural that will run across the gallery wall)

everybody has a favorite song: send in your favorite song (these songs get made into a playlist and played on the radio station downstairs)

everybody has sees the same sunrise: send in a short video of the sunrise (these videos will be put onto a dvd and played upstairs on a television)

everybody has a family recipe: send in your favorite family recipe (these recipes will be typed up and printed out so people visiting the exhibition can take them home to try. Also, we will be making some of them at our cooking workshop)


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