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Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston Interview
Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston Interview
Benedict, what has the success of Sherlock brought to you?

Benedict Cumberbatch

Er ... quite a lot. I had a flurry of jobs which actually weren't anything to do with Sherlock but it was part of a trilogy of things, one of which was War Horse, the other being Danny Boyle's Frankenstein, but neither Steven or Danny had seen Sherlock by the time it came out.

In this country, well, in general, it's a very strange thing. You feel recognised, you feel people looking at you, there's that whole aspect of it. Sort of being on display when you're not professionally being asked to is very odd, although it is part of the job so you kind of have to find a way of doing it. But work-wise, as with all these things, it builds a momentum, which means I've got the most fantastic opportunities – or at least, doors open to prove myself at the next level for a job, so it's not a shoo-in for everything but it's been a huge help.
I owe a lot to Sherlock...

Tom Hiddleston

You've got fantastic opportunities because you're a fantastic actor though. That's why.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Oh, bless your heart. We met on this job and Patrick and I, we figured out - he's the third of the cavalry triumvirate and he should really be here – we ended up realising for the first time, this year, doing our third job together, that we must have known each other when we were three, we were at the same primary school. But I feel like I was at your primary school as well. We've had very similar career trajectories and paths, you know, it's very exciting. I owe a lot to Sherlock but it's just a joy to do all this stuff.

Tom Hiddleston

Is that where the Cumberbitches come from?

Benedict Cumberbatch

It is where all of that comes from, yes. So I've been told.
Have you picked up any tips from Tom about playing a villain in a Hollywood blockbuster, seeing as you're supposedly playing a villain in the next Star Trek?

Benedict Cumberbatch

I can't say anything about it. I'm very excited to be working with JJ Abrams and I can't wait to get over to L.A. to begin. Sorry to go cold on you, but there are lawyers in the cupboards right here with us.

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