Wellington's Best Craft Beer Bars
Wellington's Best Craft Beer Bars
Wellington is the place to be when you want to immerse yourself in New Zealand boutique beer culture. And who better to provide a bit of local knowledge on Wellington's craft beer scene than the fellas over at CraftBeerCapital.com.

Wellingtonian's are spoilt for choice, it's true - so the CBC fellas have whittled down 5 of Wellington's best - craft beer venues for every occasion.

Malthouse - (The Iconic)


Malthouse is Wellington's oldest craft beer establishment, opening their doors in 1993 long before NZ craft beer was a blip on the radar. They struck a major chord with the public in the early 2000's, and were for many years the benefactors of Wellington's burgeoning craft beer scene in the years to come. Malthouse has always been the official home of the now world famous Tuatara Brewery, and is situated on the iconic Courtenay Place, a perfect location for mixing good beer and Wellington's bustling weekend nightlife. On weeknights it's a bit quieter, and you'll have a chance to converse with the friendly staff who will help you find exactly what you're looking for. Malthouse serve beer from 28 taps, 2 hand-pumps, and 6 temperature controlled fridges containing over 150 beers. They also do a fantastic range of pizzas and bar snacks.

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It's no secret that Wellington is the central hub for craft beer in New Zealand, so who better to turn to than the guys over at Craft Beer Capital to let us in on a few local gems.


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