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90 Manners Street,
Wellington Central

(04) 499 9771

Voodoo Information

Voodoo Authentic New Orleans Cuisine is a new restaurant to the Wellington dining scene. Located in Manners Street, Voodoo offers well priced, flavoursome food in a relaxed environment.

Opening Hours
Dinner: Tues-Sun 17.00-late
Lunch: Wed-Fri 12.00-14.00
Avg Food Spend
$$$ per person
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A La Carte Menu
Children welcome
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Reviewer never
the worst restaurant ever! we bought the voucher for all you can eat ribs from groupon. we called them two weeks ago for the booking and they kept telling us they were fully booked out. I asked them why, the owner just replied that he wouldn't treat the same to the voucher costumers the same as ppl who pay the full price. they only offer limited space for voucher users. I asked him that why he sells the vouchers, but couldn't able to honour the vouchers . he simply said that he didn't care about the customers who use the vouchers. What a rude owner! we ended up with not able to use the voucher we paid for. what a rude dishonest owner who sells the vouchers and never prepare to honour the vouchers! Total a time waster!We have reported our bad experience to groupon, and was told that we were not the only case. I wish there was o star option i could choose, because for one star is way too much for such a rude dishonest owner.
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Reviewer never
worst dishonest restaurant ever. we bought a voucher for all we can eat ribs from groupon. we called them to make a booking two weeks before it expired, they kept telling us that they were fully booked out. I asked them why that it was always fully booked, the owner just simply told us that they wouldn't treat the ppl with voucher the same as the customers who pay full price, they only offered limited space for voucher users. I asked them why you sell the vouchers and wouldn't be able to honor the vouchers. he just simply replied that he didnt care about the customers who use vouchers. what a rude owner! we finally end up with not able to use the voucher we paid for. what a time waster! we have reported our bad experience to groupon, and was told that we were not the only case. worst restraurant ever! I wish there is option for O star, because i think one star is far too much for dishonest rude owner!
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Reviewer taiko79
This is the worst restaurant I've ever experienced in my whole life.
Worst Resturant in Wellington!! Don't even think about to visit there.
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Reviewer tpaul
I would have to agree with the last reviewers I was extremely disappointed with this restaurant after being lurged to go when I read a review in "Capital Culture". Those hush puppies things should be taken off the menu. Not alot of attendtion to detail my nephew had the spare ribs which looked like they had literally been dumped on the plate on top of the curly fries. My sister and I shared the dish which was basically a risotto which was tasty but not worth the amount of money we paid. Will not be attending this restaurant again nor recommending it to any of my friends.
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Reviewer catmac
I have never been so digusted with a restaurant in my life, and I did not even get to experience the food.

I used Voodoo’s online booking system to make a reservation for a Monday night. It allowed me to do so and I even got an email confirming my reservation. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the restaurant it was closed.

I called the restaurant and left a voice message. I received a call from the owner Don the next day. He was honestly the rudest man I have ever spoken to! I explained to him that I purchased the voucher from Grabone for a 3 course meal for 2 people and that I had booked in to use it following the guidelines that were prescribed. I booked in more than 24 hours in advance and the voucher said that the restaurant was open Monday to Sunday. he simply said that it was my fault that I didn’t read the restaurant’s opening hours on the website. I explained to him that his response was unfair as his booking system AND the voucher both said I could go on a Monday. I tried to book in for tonight but he said that I could not come because they were fully booked.

The voucher expires on 13 December so I asked him to extend it for me since it was not my problem that the restaurant allowed me to make a reservation on a night that it was closed. He simply said that he would make no concessions for me and that it was stupid of me to leave the booking so late.

Throughout the whole conversation he spoke to me with such attitude and disdain. I do not care how good the food at this restaurant is. He does not deserve your money. Do not go to this restaurant. I was truly disgusted at how horrible he was to me.

A word of advice to the owner Don – A good business is based on repeat customers. People will never come back to your restaurant if you talk to them like they are dirt.
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Reviewer crispyking
even 1 star is too many ... Voodoo is undoubtedly the worst restaurant I've ever been to and an appallingly bad 'dining' experience ... we had a grabone half-price voucher 'special' but the experience wasn't - the dark entrance with the fake plastic decoration made it more reminiscent of a grotty grotto and the bamboo lined 'couch area' with short seats and tables made it difficult to eat what crappy food we actually got to eat there, all the while having to endure the awful karaoke-esque background music. The SAMPLER PLATTER was very disappointing with it's cold CAJUN DEVILED EGGS, overcooked/burnt and very dry HUSH PUPPIES and minuscule tepid GRIS GRIS CHICKEN WINGS, the starters of JAMBALAYA and GUMBO were tasteless and could have done with at least some spices. We then waited and waited ... and waited - an hour and a half after ordering, the mains still hadn't arrived and then the bullsht started ... the waiter told us that the cook was 'slightly overwhelmed' despite it being half empty and no-one else seemed to be eating either! then one of our 'product(s) was not available', he offered us a voucher for a return visit - we refused as we would never ever return to Voodoo ... and then he started waffling, we asked to see the manager. We spoke to the chef and he was unapologetic, repeating that the cook was not having a good night - he wasn't the only one. He refused to give us refund and referred us to grabone. The friendly waitress was the only positive part of the unpleasant experience, we left angry and hungry so went to the Bristol for a lovely pizza.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Lad lunch at Voodoo yesterday and fantastic experience. The decor is a bit weird but for service and food quality, Voodoo is right up there. The ribs are a nice suprise - certainly the best I've tasted in Wellington. Well done Voodoo.
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