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Review byMatthew Turner24/05/2002

One out of five stars
Running Time: 90 mins

As dumb as it gets!

The postmodern humour of films like Scream and I Know What You did last Summer gave new life to what was becoming a stale genre. But now it seems, everybody’s at it. But any interest created by the self-deprecating title of this new film from Joel Gallen, is blown away in the opening reel when you realise that this is, in fact, another teen movie.

The Plot

The story, such as it is, quickly reveals itself to be a Cinderella clone. The high school jock makes a bet that he will take Priscilla, the reclusive nerd, to the proms. Needless to say, underneath her nerdy specs and dungarees there’s a princess waiting to get out. Attempting to thwart our hero’s plans are the not-so-ugly sisters, appearing here in the guise of cheerleaders.

As you may have guessed, this is a lame excuse for an exercise in gross-out gags and appalling jokes. This is all a matter of taste, of course, and if you think Siamese twins, plastic penises and spitting in food are the last word in humour, then you’re in for a treat.

But fear not, those seeking more cerebral pleasures. The school where the action takes place is named the John Hughes High School, while the football match is played at the Harry Dean Stadium. It gets better. Molly Ringwald and Mr T make…cameo appearances!

And just to cap it off, there’s a send-up of the fluttering paper in American Beauty, a scene that Todd Solendz also mocked in Storytelling. But would anyone stupid enough to like this film actually get these jokes?

The, er, Acting

The young cast do their best but the script, like the sight gags and the music, is mind-numbingly dumb. But not as dumb as the notion hinted at by the title, that suggests that this is in some way superior to films that it seeks to mock.

Brian did try to write more – but the simple fact of the matter is that this film is so poor that there was nothing to add, either good or bad. Avoid this excuse for a film at all costs. – Ed

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Not Another Teen Movie
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