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I struggled to understand who the target audience was for this. There are hardly any adult jokes, as for kids I think bull fighting is not the greatest subject in general and no matter how you dress it up it’s probably not the best idea for kids. Has a few moments which are completely inappropriate in my view and I remember quite vividly things like that upsetting me as a child, e.g. Bambi gave me nightmares for days.
As to the plot - again, I am not sure what the message is here. Promoting non violent solutions is great, of course, but when you’re being attacked it might actually help to fight back. Sitting down is not the best self defence ever. I guess, if I want to be optimistic I can say that the message is “it’s ok to be different”. Although these days it seems the message is more like “unless you’re different you’re not special enough” more often rather than not. And the latter is not something I would want my kids to watch.
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It was with some trepidation that I took a scratchy 7-year-old to Ferdinand due to the fact he was dead set on seeing Star Wars for the third time. However, within 10 minutes he was giggling away with the rest of audience. Ferdinand follows the story of a bull calf who has a love for flowers, peace and happiness as opposed to training to fight the all mighty Matador. The movie follows a predictable story line and is sprinkled with laugh out loud moments (for both kids and adults alike). I think Mr 7 summed it up best when asked how he liked the movie, “ It was good, but not great”.
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