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Review byMatthew Turner17/10/2007

One out of Five stars
Running time: 89 mins

Desperately unfunny, badly written sequel that's essentially a mish-mash of tired cliches, fart gags and genuinely terrible performances. One to avoid.

What's it all about?
Cuba Gooding Jr takes over the Eddie Murphy role as Charlie Hinton, who's managed to make a successful business out of his Daddy Day Care brand from the first film. When his young son, Ben (Spencir Bridges) begs to be allowed to go to summer camp, Charlie and his best friend Phil (Paul Rae, replacing Jeff Garlin) agree to take over a struggling day camp, but they face intense rivalry from a neighbouring camp run by Charlie's school nemesis, Lance Warner (Lochlyn Munro).

The Bad
If the script for Daddy Day Camp was so bad that even Eddie Murphy passed on it, that really should have set alarm bells ringing. Evan Almighty has set the bar pretty low for sequels without their original star, but even by those standards, Daddy Day Camp is a complete waste of time.

The biggest problem is the acting: the child actors (especially Bridges) are a uniformly untalented bunch and none of their characters are especially likeable as a result. Similarly, if Daddy Day Care worked at all, it was because of Eddie Murphy's manic motor-mouthed energy, whereas Cuba Gooding Jr possesses none of Murphy's comedic ability – his comic repertoire basically consists of mugging and shouting, both of which wear thin very fast.

The Worst
The physical comedy never gets beyond the level of fart gags, skunk jokes, vomiting kids, exploding toilets and so on. This would be fine in the hands of, say, the Farrelly Brothers, but director Fred Savage (Kevin from The Wonder Years, all grown up!) struggles to raise even the semblance of a smile.

Worth seeing?
Daddy Day Camp is a badly written, badly acted mess that's quite possibly one of the most pointless sequels of all time, though it does at least tell you what to do in the event of getting sprayed by a skunk.

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Daddy Day Camp
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