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Review byJennifer tate9/11/2013

Three out of Five stars
Running time: 90 mins

Charming, cheerful and plain good fun, Cupcakes is an uplifting and visually arresting musical comedy, but the performances are stiff and the final build-up is disappointingly underwhelming.

What’s it all about?
Written and directed by Eytan Fox, Cupcakes stars Anat Waxman as Anat, a Tel Aviv baker, who’s just found out that her husband is leaving her. One night, Anat and her close friends get together to watch Eurovision-style song contest, UniverSong and as a reaction to the dreadful songs, they make up a cheery, cheesy pop tune as a fun experiment. Taking the joke further, nursery school teacher Ofer (Ofer Shechter) enters the song into the competition and before they know it, the oddball group of friends become Israel’s official representation for the next contest (Cupcakes becomes their band name). However, the Israel Broadcasting System is quick to pile on the pressure for them to sell out, leaving the group to question how important fame and success actually is to them.

The Good
Cupcakes is a light, harmless and entertaining watch thanks to its uplifting narrative, which refreshingly doesn’t take itself too seriously or shy away from being a little tongue-in-cheek here and there. Despite the lacklustre build-up, the finale scores points for resisting the urge to cop out at the last minute and the characters are generally relatable and likeable throughout.

Eytan Fox, no stranger to handling homosexual storylines (Fox is perhaps best known for directing Yossi & Jagger and its follow-up, Yossi) addresses gay love affairs once again with Cupcakes and this one (between Ofer and his closeted, good looking boyfriend) feels authentic and compelling. Finally, the bright Pedro Almodovar-style photography is delightfully easy on the eye and perfectly suits the film’s playful tone.

The Bad
Whilst the silly storyline can be heart-warming and amusing at times, it can also be a little cringe worthy and the finale disappointingly lacks a satisfying build-up. On top of this, the performances on the whole aren’t exactly Oscar winning, with the generally stiff acting proving a bit of a distraction every now and then.

Worth seeing?
Despite some weak performances, Cupcakes is an entertaining and heart-warming comedy thanks to its generally amusing plot and arresting cinematography. Worth seeing.

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