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Review byJennifer tate22/06/2013

Two out of Five stars
Running time: 81 mins

A semi-entertaining British thriller about a heist gone wrong, Confine makes clever use of its single-location shots, but the flawed script and a weak and inexperienced performance by Daisy Lowe means it ultimately falls flat.

What’s it all about?
Written and directed by Tobias Tobbell, Confine is a British thriller starring model Daisy Lowe as Pippa, a physically and emotionally scarred former model who lives a sheltered and reclusive life holed up in her posh Georgian apartment. When Kayleigh (Eliza Bennett), an attractive and charismatic crook, breaks into her home one morning Pippa’s routine gives way to pandemonium as she finds herself in the middle of a heist gone wrong. Taken hostage by Kayleigh, who’s looking for a temporary hideout as she confers with unidentified higher forces outside the building, Pippa must find the courage to defend herself, rescue Kayleigh’s second hostage, Henry (Alfie Allen) and escape from the confined and increasingly claustrophobic space before one of them gets seriously harmed.

The Good
Making clever use of the film’s low budget, Tobbell restricts every scene to Pippa’s spacious and upmarket flat and this works really well in creating a tense and claustrophobic atmosphere for the story to unfold in. The two more seasoned actors in the film, Alfie Allen and Eliza Bennett, aren’t outstanding, but they do their best with what they’ve got and despite its many flaws (a vague list to follow), Confine makes for a surprisingly fun and watchable viewing experience if not taken too seriously.

The Bad
If Daisy Lowe’s hoping to succeed on the harder-than-it-looks career leap from model to serious actress, she may have another thing coming. Although not frightfully bad (she impresses with her French accent, at least) Lowe lacks that je ne sais quoi and on-screen charisma and her lack of acting experience certainly shows through her performance. Having said that, Tobbell’s flawed script certainly doesn’t do her any favours as the London model is literally stranded with her stereotypical, two-dimensional character and achingly dull lines.

The catfights between Pippa and Kayleigh are terribly choreographed and hilariously unconvincing, and things take a turn for the even cornier when Pippa’s sassier twin Edwina shows up on the scene. To be honest the list of things that Confine gets wrong is endless (unrealistic make-up effects, frustratingly unlikeable characters, predictable ending etc.), but this low-budget film is actually more entertaining than it might first come across.

Worth seeing?
With its weak and predictable script, badly choreographed fight scenes and wobbly lead performance from Daisy Lowe, Confine is far from Oscar-worthy viewing; but it’s all very watchable if not taken too seriously.

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Confine (R15)
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