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Review byMatthew Turner20/07/2012

Four out of Five stars
Running time: 87 mins

A charming and thrilling coming-of-age story packed with impressive performances and a charismatic dialogue.

What’s it all about?
Written and directed by Simon Aboud, Comes a Bright Day tells the story of Sam (Craig Roberts), an ambitious twenty year old, dreaming of more from life than his worker drone job at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel can offer him. Whilst running an important errand for the pompous hotel manager (Geoff Bell), Sam runs into and quickly falls for Mary (Imogen Poots), a beautiful upmarket jewellery seller, but Sam can’t quite bring himself to admit to her that he’s a hotel go-fer. Encouraged by his best friend, Elliot (Anthony Welsh), Sam visits the Knightsbridge jewellery shop where Mary works to ask her out, but when he arrives, he gets caught up in a robbery and is quickly held hostage along with Mary and store owner Charlie (Timothy Spall).

The Good
Comes A Bright Day is an engaging coming-of-age story, that’s balanced out well by its dose of heist drama and genuinely funny remarks from the mouth of its leading man Craig Roberts, whose eccentric wit seems to have aptly matured since his role as Oliver Tate in last year’s critically acclaimed Submarine. Timothy Spall is expectedly charming as the quintessential and genial jewellery store owner and Imogen Poot’s glacial beauty and tender performance are enchanting enough to make us empathise with Sam’s deep affection for her.

Amusingly, the thieves causing the hold-up on Sam’s date proposal to Mary are named Cameron (Kevin McKidd) and Clegg (Josef Atlin) and the twosome are typical cinematic thiefs: Cameron is the more domineering and erratic, while Clegg is the skivvy-like youth adhering to his boss’s requests. McKidd and Atlin work well together and their abrasive chemistry is compelling to watch; both at times showing their vulnerable sides, which is needed for a thriller drama that’s still quite light-hearted overall.

The Great
Perhaps the most enlightening part of Comes a Bright Day is when Aboud leaves us with Sam, Mary and Charlie while they sit tied up on the floor, as the affable interplay between these three hostages really does highlight the film’s strongest points. Charlie and Mary’s stories of certain jewel’s histories offer a welcome dose of dream-like escapism from the hectic hostage scene and emphasises how strong the film’s narrative really is. For director Simon Aboud, Comes a Bright Day is a remarkable effort at a well made feature debut and will no doubt open many doors for the filmmaker.

Worth seeing?
As funny as it is thrilling, Comes a Bright Day is a charming and sentimental coming-of-age story with plenty of action that’s not to be missed.

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