Vodka Cocktails

Vodka must be the most popular spirit doing the rounds in bars and clubs in this city.
All Vodka Cocktails Recipes

After Dark Martini
Glow-in-the-dark green for easy location when you're a little sozzled.
Anno 1960
A few of these will make the old feel young and the young feel the oldies.
The name say's it all really - proof that kiwis can mix it with the best!
April Rain
A splash of lime makes this into a refreshing version of the traditional vodka martini.
Between the Trees
An interesting concoction for all you Vodka lovers out there.
Bloody Mary
Not as a controversial as a South Park episode, but still a classic.
Blue Lagoon
Take a sip, close your eyes ...aaah, Brooke Shields (well, when she was younger)...
Christmas Jones
Hip New York City eatery Metro Marche has this fruity delight on their menu.
One very sleek, refreshing cocktail that's perfect for summer indulgence.
Espresso Martini
Combining two of our fave things - espresso and vodka - in one easy drink.
Fuzzy Navel
So long as the name doesn’t make you gag, this tasty mix should go down nicely.
Harvey Wallbanger
After a few of these, it's not hard to see why it's named as it is.
La Belle Lychee
Signature cocktail of GPK's head bartender, this one couldn't be any more exotic.
Las Vegas
Think glitz and glamour, not geriatric gamblers and Elvis impersonators!
Lava Lamp
A ratio of honey and raspberry liqueur 1:1 for the blobby lava lamp experience.
Long Island Iced Tea
It's an oldie but a goodie and choc-full of mind-freezing ingredients.
Mango Melon Ball
Get a little designer 80s with this one and go nuts with the balls. Ahem.
Mint Shot
The Taste of Summer According to one of our readers!
Maple Syrup, Salmon and now this - Canada, you are blessed.
Moscow Mule
A polonium-free, refreshing drink to enjoy with your comrades.
Peppermint Patty
What happens when Charlie Brown’s kookiest pal hits the bottle.
Pink Puppy
Generous shots of gin and vodka to make you go all cute and floppy.
Pink Temptation
Very tempting, very pink....roll on Summer!
Redhead in bed
We’re too mature to make sleazy jokes about redheads being better in the sack.
Salisbury Special
A tasty number, using pretty much whatever’s left in the fridge.
Salty Dog
Ahoy there me hearties! But enough with the cheesiness - it tastes good.
Screaming Orgasm
You can try it, but we’re not making any promises…
Remember feeling cool ordering this at Park in the Bar (eeeow) in the 90s?
Sex on the Beach
Vodka + Peach Schnapps x large volume = Sex on the Beach.
No guarantees too many of these will make you a star.
Silver Sunset
A real winner, so long as the thought of raw egg doesn't make you gag.
SkyCity AK47 Iced Tea
SkyCity's little alcoholic number for the Auckland Festival AK07. Lovely.
Strawberry Martini
If you can be arsed ‘muddling’ strawberries, this martini goes down a treat.
Sweet Summer Days
Wrap your laughing gear around this on a sultry summer evening.
Vodka Boatman
With enough alcohol to sink said boatman and his boat.
White Russian
The Dude drank these with milk in The Big Lebowski, but we prefer cream.
Plum Popo
Con of GPK Takapuna has shared his expertise!
Vin De-Vine
NZ Bartender of the Year Chris Harrop has shared this summer sweetner.

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