Rum Cocktails

Ever since finding it's way into the throats of sailors, it's had wide appeal.
All Rum Cocktails Recipes

1940s Rum Swizzle
Pain in the arse to make, but once you try it you won't feel swizzled.
Aunt Agatha
Looks like an innocent glass of OJ—maybe Aunt Agatha liked to keep her habit quiet.
Bay Breeze
Not as famous as its Sea Breeze sibling, but also far less complicated.
Black Monday
Nobody likes Mondays, but you’ll soon warm to this tasty number.
Blue Hawaiian
Rum, creamy coconut, pineapple juice… lie back and think of sunny Hawaii..
Blue Passion
The toxic colour is a great conversation starter. Then again, so is the alcohol.
Drink too much of these and you’ll certainly be seeing stars.
Cuba Libre
Add a slice of lime to the classic rum ‘n’ coke and toast the freedom of Cuba.
Dark 'n' Stormy
The unofficial national drink of Bermuda - no wonder many get lost in the triangle!
Honey Colada
Infinitely more drinkable than it's cousin - enough said!
Jamaican Rum
Dark rum, lime juice, sugar – this one’s only for the hardcore.
Jello Shots
Yeah, yeah we know they’re usually made with vodka but trust us, these are gooood.
Lemon Chiffon Pie
Really just an excuse to guzzle ice cream on a hot day.
Little Devil
Plenty of alcohol in this to give you the hangover from hell.
Long Island Iced Tea
It's an oldie but a goodie and choc-full of mind-freezing ingredients.
Mai Tai
The kind of classic cocktail that’s so uncool it’s almost hip again.
Hemmingway's favourite - this Havana hottie is sure to please!
You won't have much hope of achieving anything Olympic after a few of these.
Rum Runner
Who ever though Rum was this refreshing?
Toffee Daiquiri
MMMM - Rum and Butterscotch schnapps - yes please!

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