Brandy Cocktails

A key ingredient in many classic cocktails, if you're after a brandy based drink chances are we'll have it!
All Brandy Cocktails Recipes

American Beauty
This is one sexy drink you'll definitely want to take home with you.
Between the Sheets
The name says it all really...just don't blame us for the antics!
Black Feather
Hmm… feathers. A little inspiration for post-bar antics, maybe?
Brandy Alexander
Bound to put a smile on your face...and a few pounds on your hips.
Brandy Buck
The classic combo of brandy and ginger ale gets an extra kick in the arse with lemon.
Brandy Manhattan
Tip: squeeze the bag of maraschino cherries to get the juice.
Brandy Sour
Don't be put off by the name; there's a reason why this is still a classic.
Champagne Charlie
It’s bubbly, it’s potent… it’s exactly what you need to get through the festive season.
Cherry Blossom
Finally! A use for the cherry brandy that’s been hanging around your drinks cabinet.
Comforting Tiger
Tigers don’t get much more comforting and cuddly than this.
Corpse Reviver
Hard day the office? Dead on your feet? Wrap your cold blue lips around this.
Dusty Rose
Chocolate, cream, brandy. We can forgive the stupid name for this yumminess.
Golden Dawn
The it'll-be-all-right-in-the morning cocktail. And it usually is ... right?
High Roller
If you can’t be one, at least you can drink like one.
Long Island Iced Tea
It's an oldie but a goodie and choc-full of mind-freezing ingredients.
So, you think you're sophisticated then. Better be drinking this tipple.
Just in time to save you doing your own nut over the festive season.
A bunch of other yummy ingredients hides the nasty taste of apricot brandy.
Rainbow Julep
Unbelievable how many cocktails use apricot brandy.
Sidecar is one of those cocktails that make you appreciate good ingredients!
Singapore Sling
Not staying at Raffles Hotel anytime soon? You can still try the original SS recipe.
If you think this concoction is mild, then you really are brain dead.

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