Two Little Boys Film Interview
Two Little Boys Film Interview
Two Little Boys is directed by Robert Sarkies (Scarfies, Out of the Blue) and based on the novel by Duncan Sarkie and stars comedians; Bret McKenzie from New Zealand’s acclaimed Flight of the Conchords, Hamish Blake from Hamish and Andy and Maaka Pohatu who recently played a lead role in the celebrated stage play Strange Resting Places.

Set in Invercargill, New Zealand in the early 1990’s, the film follows Nige (McKenzie) and his best mate Deano’s (Blake) riotous misadventures as they struggle with their imploding long-term friendship which has been under pressure by an unfortunate accident involving a hot meat pie, a ginger cat, and the untimely death of a Scandinavian soccer star. Nige chucks the dead body in a nearby road works hole and runs to Deano for help. Trouble is, Deano’s not really the guy you should turn to in a crisis….
1. Firstly, who decided to make Duncan’s novel into a movie? And how did you get Bret McKenzie and Hamish Blake to star in Two Little Boys?


I read an early draft of the novel and immediately felt that there was a wild ride of a movie in there.
Seemed to me it had the key ingredients for the kind of films I like – great characters, a big problem for them to solve and a tone that was funny and distinctive. It also had a certain infintile naughtyness that I guess I was in the mood for.
I just rang Bret up one day and asked him. He read the script while on tour on the States and when he came back he told us it made him laugh out loud and he’d love to do it. Yep we were pretty stoked. We then got our casting director to ring Hamish’s agent and when she told Hamish there was an audition for a feature film role with Bret McKenzie he said ‘absolutely, I love Bret McKenzie!’. From that first audition there was a great dynamic between them and it very much felt like we were making a film with friends.

2. Did you both go to the premiere of Two Little Boys at the Berlin film festival in February?


Actually I went to that one. Rob gave me a call saying "I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is we've been selected for the Berlin Film Festival. The bad news is I can't go, so can you go instead?"
It was the best bad news I've ever had. It had a great response from the audiences over there. I pretty much just spoke to four types of people: Germans, kiwi expats, film makers and juvenile delinquents. It seemed to strike a special chord with all four groups. I don't know what meaning to extrapolate from that, but I'm sure it would make a neat Venn diagram.

3. How nervous is it watching your own writing / movie come alive on the big screen? Did the audience respond well?


I didn't feel nervous as soon as I had seen a cut that I liked and I knew I was proud of. From that point it just becomes a matter of finding out how in touch/out of touch Rob and I are with the rest of New Zealand. Time will tell...


Duncan sent me an audio file of the audience laughing through the film in Berlin which was a bizarre way to experience a premiere while I sat at home in Wellington waiting for a baby to arrive.
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